Florida Housekeeping, Inc., was established in 1979 and is an
independently owned residential and commercial cleaning service
in the Tampa Bay Area.  We are a full service residential and
commercial firm that takes advantage of the never-ending
opportunities in a growing marketplace.

Florida Housekeeping, Inc., is licensed, bonded and carries a $1
million dollar general liability insurance policy. We also have
experienced staff members to service all your needs.  

Here at Florida Housekeeping, Inc, we believe that the cleaning
and maintenance of a home or office is a personal business. Each
home, office, and building is a unique representation of the
individuals living or working in it. Our customers are the people
who we serve. We believe the quality of their day is enhanced by
the work we do.
We Proudly Accept
Florida Housekeeping will always provide you the quality service
you deserve. We will treat you like family and your home as our
own. What areas of your home need to be maintained? In what
manner? With what equipment? On what cleaning schedule? What
areas will need particular attention? Florida Housekeeping, Inc,
help you determine what your specific needs are and provide you
with the customized service that you need. We will provide what
you need, when you need it and detailing just how you want it
done. Our customer’s particular areas of interest and concern are
important to us. In addition to proper cleaning, we will ensure the
security of your home or office and its contents. Your security
procedures will be carefully adhered to at all times.

Our goal is to provide every customer with outstanding cleaning
services at a reasonable price. We are here to make sure you have
one less thing to worry about, in your already busy schedule. Come
home to
No Worry...No Mess...No Stress...Just Clean.

Call us today at  813-873-1110  for a free phone estimate.
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